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About Archery


Since ancient times, archery is a widely known sport. If you want to experience or improve your archery skills, Archery is definitely the perfect tool for you.

Tips for you when joining Archery

This is an outdoor archery game, so every bow you shoot will likely be influenced by nature. Like wind can deflect arrows, or rain and snow can reduce your visibility. However, the nose when you aim at the target, the game will inform you how the wind situation is, so you need to apply your archery skills to calculate the error and make the decision to Shoot the highest score possible. In particular, remember that the closer you shoot the arrow to the center of the target, the higher the score you get. When you feel like you've played this game too many times, and want a little change, you can come to Shell Shockers. This will be a game where you fight with other eggs with a gun and also where you can use precision in Archery to destroy enemies.

Some game modes in Archery

This game includes 3 modes, story mode, distance mode, and time mode. If you enter the game in story mode, you will need to pass different levels in the game. And of course, the higher the level, the difficulty of the game also increases. In distance mode, you will shoot archery with increasing distance, where each hit will add extra distance for the next shoot and each fail will decrease the life count. Meanwhile, time mode is the mode where you need to hit the target as much as possible before the time ends. Each hit will add some value. Also, in the game store, you can use coins to buy arrows or bows. They will help your shot quality be higher than the original.

How to control

Use the mouse to aim and shoot.

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