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Dreadhead Parkour

About Dreadhead Parkour


Dreadhead Parkour is a thrilling parkour game that takes players on an exhilarating journey where players must run, jump, slide, and parkour their way to reach the end!

How to play Dreadhead Parkour game

In this game, players control a character named Dreadhead and embark on an adventure filled with obstacles!

As a parkour game, players must run, jump, flip, climb, and perform many other actions to overcome a series of obstacles. The ultimate goal is to reach the end portal and complete levels.

Along the journey, players may encounter with spikes, gaps, saws, bombs, dangerous moving objects, crazy terrains, and more. So it requires your parkour skills to beat all of these obstacles.

As you advance in the game, the challenges will become much more complex and hard to overcome.

Another thing that you need to bear in mind is that you have to collect coins along the adventure. Coins are scattered around and can be used to purchase new skins!

Game Controls:

  • Left/right arrow to run left/right.
  • Down arrow to slide.
  • Up arrow to jump.

Play Dreadhead Parkour unblocked online for free and get ready to become a parkour pro! Lots of parkour challenges waiting for you in this game! 

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