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Geometry Dash

About Geometry Dash


Robert Topala, a Swedish developer, created Geometry Dash. Currently, there are 21 levels in the game, each with a distinct level of difficulty.

Stereo Madness, Back on Track, and Polargeist are the three game levels available to players. Each one has its own level of difficulty as well as a list of the highest scores. It is currently one of the most popular games in the world, with over 60 million online levels created by gamers all over the world.

Let's get right in and play as a square block, overcoming all of the game's hurdles with lightning speed. To win, you must carefully calculate the correct point to escape the nails and spikes by hopping over them.

Is it appealing to you since the rules are simple and the objective of the game is to improve your reflexes and concentration? If you can reach a certain level, you will receive some additional presents. Now is the time to find out what they are.

Have a good time with the game!

Feature :

  • Challenging levels that vary in difficulty from hard to almost impossible
  • Simple controls make the game intuitive to learn from the start
  • Excellent music that compels you to reach the next part of the track
  • Fun gameplay synced to the beat!

How to play

To make the square leap, use the up arrow key or a left mouse click.

Are you able to identify yourself among the top ? Which of the following positions do you wish to fill?

Let's defeat them all and conquer this mind-boggling game!!!!

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