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About Backrooms


Inspired by the famous Creepypasta urban legend, the game makers turned this story into a Backrooms game. Can you escape this mysterious room?

Your mission in Backrooms

Backrooms is a randomly generated maze with different themes on different floors, the common point of all floors is that there is always some scary creature lurking, evoking anxiety and fear. in you. All you need to do is find the door to the next floor while dodging the horrible creatures roaming everywhere, your ultimate goal is to escape the infinite loop of the Backroom maze. If you are a big fan of horror games, in addition to Backrooms, do not miss Five Nights At Freddy's. This is also an extremely popular game, evoking the curiosity of many players. Your mission is to survive five nights at a pizza shop without being harmed by toy robots.

Some notes for you in Backrooms

This game includes many modes like classic, deaf and free modes. In each of these modes, you can choose to play on easy, medium, hard, or backrooms. Choose the mode that works best for you for the best possible game experience. Backrooms are designed with an infinite space with scary sounds, giving a feeling of suffocation and discomfort. However, don't let that let your guard down or get discouraged. Your job is within the time allowed, find a way out. In addition, you also need to avoid facing the scary creatures that roam this maze and are waiting to attack you. So, don't just keep moving forward, but also pay attention to your back. However, you will not always encounter them. If the allotted time runs out and you still can't figure out how to play, you're still the loser.

How to control

  • Press the arrow keys to move
  • Use the mouse to change the view of the camera.

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