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Run 3D

About Run 3D


Run 3D is an endless running platformer game that is set in the vastness of space. Players must guide the character through the ever-changing landscape of space. Move, jump, and avoid falling into the abyss!

How to play Run 3D


Run 3D is the enhanced version of the Run 3 game. Like other endless running games, the goal is to reach as far as possible. 

In this game, the character will start running automatically. It's up to you to guide them safely through the endless tunnels in space. Use the left or right arrow keys to move and the Spacebar to jump. Timing is crucial! Try to move and jump at the right moment to avoid gaps and obstacles or falling into the abyss. 

Understand the game mechanics

Gravity Shifts: As you progress, you'll encounter sections of the tunnel where gravity shifts, flipping your perspective. Stay alert and adapt to these changes to keep moving forward.

Crumbing Tiles: Some tiles will crumble after you step on them. React quickly to these kinds of tiles and plan your route carefully and quickly. 

Complete tasks to claim achievements

There are various achievements in the game. With each achievement you complete, you will be rewarded with a bucket number of coins!

Different characters to unlock

Run 3D game has 15 characters in total. Only one is available at the beginning. You can unlock other characters with your coins. 

Each character has unique abilities that can help or challenge you in different ways. And they will change the way you tackle the running challenge. Try to get your hands on different characters and find the one that suits your playstyle the best.

2 Game Modes available

Infinity Mode: Endless running challenge - Test your skills in an endless run. The goal is to survive as long as possible!

Explore Mode: Take the levels one by one and discover the secrets of the tunnels.

Game Features

  • Endless running challenge
  • 3D colorful graphics
  • 14 characters to unlock with unique abilities
  • Different challenging achievements and rewards
  • Infinity and Explore mode
  • Cool gameplay that defines gravity

Get ready for a leap into the unknown!

Run 3D is a cool variation to the Run 3 game that takes players on an endless running journey in the space tunnels. Leap into the unknown and find your foot among the stars! It’s a test of your skills and reactions!


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