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Shell Shockers

About Shell Shockers


You are fed up with human graphic shooting games, you want your gunfight to be filled with relaxation and loveliness. Shell Shockers is probably the answer for your long search.

The gunfight between the eggs in Shell Shockers

Participating in this game, the rules are basically the same as in other shooting games. However, Shell Shockers is designed for players to be transformed into characters that are funny 3D eggs. Accordingly, in this survival game, you need to use your gun or grenade to destroy other eggs. Move continuously so that the enemy cannot hit you. Basically, it's not too difficult, right? If you've mastered Shell Shockers, you'll be able to quickly get on with the 1v1.LOL game. Participating in the war of 1v1.LOL, you also have the opportunity to use a variety of guns from short to long range, you can even build your own wall to block the opponent's attack.

What's attractive about the Shell Shockers game

In this game, you can equip your egg with the most advanced and beautiful combat gear skins. You can also change the colors, buy costumes, and paint your eggs more adorable. This will appeal to you and can't make you bored because you have to find ways to upgrade accessories and kill more enemy troops. In addition to a variety of battle maps, there are many modes for you to participate in, you can play in survival mode or play in groups, helping you have interesting and unexpected experiences. Besides, through battles, the game also calculates for you your combat stats including deaths, kills, streaks, and even KDR. The higher your KDR, the more you are a good shooter with more kills than deaths.

How to control

  • Press WASD to move
  • Click the mouse to shoot
  • Press E to change the weapon
  • Press R to load the gun
  • Press Q to throw a grenade
  • Press the spacebar to jump.

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