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Apple Shooter

About Apple Shooter


Archery is probably a game that is also quite popular among gamers. However, using a bow and arrow to shoot apples is quite an attractive game. This will be a game to help relieve stress and kill time effectively.

Your mission in Apple Shooter

To shoot a bow in Apple Shooter, the player will pull the bow and arrow backward, adjust the angle of the shot, and release it to make the arrow rush toward the target. In this game, it is important that you aim accurately and skillfully so that the arrow hits the apples and the balloons before using all the arrows. You need to hit all the apples in the game to move to another level. It is not mandatory to hit all other items such as balloons or coins, but you need to shoot down all the red apples. If you are interested in archery games, in addition to this game, try playing Archery. Archery is also an extremely attractive archery game with challenges from nature.

The fun of Apple Shooter

This game includes many different levels. The higher the level, the more difficult challenges you will face. In this game, the player not only needs to shoot down all the apples arranged in different positions, but can also shoot the balls, and by hitting each balloon you only get 1 point, in the concrete balloons can only be blown up by rockets, hammers, or exploding arrows. Hit each apple you will get 10 points, and hit each coin you will get 5 points but can collect more arrows. There is a small note for you to pay attention to the number of arrows you have to make sure you have enough arrows to pass the levels. If you run out of arrows, shoot coins to collect more arrows.

How to control

Use the mouse to control.

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