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Zombie Tsunami Online

About Zombie Tsunami Online


Zombie Tsunami Online with many attractive features is an addictive game thanks to the content about the battle between zombies and humans. This is a unique idea and attracts many gamers to access and experience this game.

Your mission in Zombie Tsunami Online

If in most games, people often play the role of good people, looking to kill zombies and find peace, such as Five Nights At Freddy's, in Zombie Tsunami Online, everything is completely opposite. In this game, players will play the villains, players will play ferocious zombies, start building their own powerful army and make humanity perish. Players will control their zombies to run a circuit without stopping, destroy as many people as possible, and then proliferate a herd of zombies that can sweep everything from cars, obstacles, or even tanks! There is a very interesting thing in Zombie Tsunami Online each person after being attacked by you will immediately turn into a zombie like you and join the zombie army.

Some notes when participating in Zombie Tsunami Online

Humans are also equipped with a variety of modern weapons and are planted everywhere to fight your army. To win each level, gamers need to make sure that at least one zombie in their army is still alive. Win in this game is not easy, the strength of humans and the army of zombies can be said to be equal, and each side possesses different strengths and skills. The game includes many levels to challenge players to overcome. Players should also collect a lot of gold to buy power-ups and equip themselves with new skills. The image of the game is designed to be extremely funny and stylized! In particular, the image of zombies opening their wide mouths to eat everything they see on the way has made a strong impression on players, bringing a more fun gaming experience than ever.

How to control

Click the mouse to control.

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