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Vex 4

About Vex 4


Prepare to be annoyed by Vex 4's difficult platform levels! Prepare to dash at peak speeds, jump over dangerous ravines, avoid deadly traps, and climb to the summit for the fourth time! As you leap over the various barriers and win your triumph, let the adrenaline rush through your body and guide your movements. Wear your jogging shoes and flex your muscles! We're going to take on the Vex universe!

Vex 4 is officially arrived as the fourth part of the massively popular series! You can expect action-packed gameplay with tough stages, challenging traps, and a variety of other obstacles. Your goal, like in previous entries in the series, is to accomplish all of the levels (known as acts) in the Vex universe. There are nine acts in all in Vex 4, each laden with wicked traps and difficult ways to conquer. Every turn is fraught with danger. The game's controls are flexible but straightforward. To navigate around, use the left and right arrow keys or the AD keys. Press the up arrow key or the W key to jump. Within the Vex world, you'll occasionally come across small corridors. To squat and crawl or slide through those little spaces, use the down arrow key or the S key. Entering the acts will also need the usage of the S key or the down arrow key. When you're standing on top of the entryway, press down. You may use your mouse to inspect your character's surroundings while standing stationary. When the next platform or trap is hidden above or below you and not visible on your screen, this is quite useful. Complete the many tasks given at the bottom of the screen to unlock the Hard Mode version of each act. Continue to sprint and prove to them that you are invincible!


  • Cool physics
  • 9 acts to play
  • Challenge room
  • Different trophies

How to play

  • Up arrow : jump
  • Down arrow : bow
  • Left arrow : turn left
  • Right arrow : turn right

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