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The Branch

About The Branch


The Branch is a running game with unique gameplay. Your task is to turn the run-around. Help the character dash without encountering any barriers.

How to paly The Branch game

Game plot

In the game The Branch, your character gets lost on a strange blocky road. This road can be turned around and has only one way to run. You can only turn it around to find your way and keep moving forward.

Direction reversing operation

To change the running direction, click the left mouse button. Each time you click the left mouse button, the cube path will rotate one face. This line is a cube with 4 surrounding faces. You can rotate the direction of these 4 faces.

Some suggestions for you to complete the task

The Branch is a speed game so you need to be able to react quickly. Observe the road ahead quickly and react promptly. Shield walls appear before you get close. So as long as you quickly observe and turn the direction of your run, you can avoid it.

You can practice to improve your reaction ability. You can conquer this strange road once you get used to the running speed and signs of obstacles.

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