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Sushi Party

About Sushi Party


Do you know Japanese cuisine? Do you love Japanese food? If yes, you will definitely know about sushi. Sushi Party will be a unique combination of sushi themes and snake mechanics. What exactly will you have to do in this game? Let's explore now!

Move and eat sushi on the road in the Sushi Party game

In this game, your character will be a cute snake. At the start, it will be quite small in size. So, you have to control this snake to eat as much sushi as possible. This will help the snake grow up and become the snake king on the map. However, when moving on the road, you should pay attention to other snakes. These snakes can attack you. If your character's head touches the body of another snake, the game will end immediately.

You can speed it up by pressing the left mouse. However, your snake will release the energy it has eaten. Therefore, you must accelerate at the right time and reasonably. If you accelerate too much, the size of this snake will become very small.

When you kill a snake, it turns into sushi. The amount of sushi more or less depends on the size of the snake.

Customise your snake in Sushi Party

You can change the colour of your snake. Choose your favourite colour and enter your username. Alternatively, you can also put a hat on your snake. There are more than 30 hats of different colours and shapes. However, you need to find enough give hats to open them.

More information about Sushi Party

You can complete some achievements in the Achievements section to gain valuable gifts. Some missions are like eat 50000 sushi, pop 5 snakes, return for 3 days, etc. The achievements will be harder and harder.

Moreover, you can open some of the magic balls to get different hats. You usually get these balls after completing achievements.

How to control

  • Swipe the mouse to navigate the snake
  • Press the left mouse to speed up.

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