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About Supernova


Supernova is an extremely attractive spaceship-driving game. In this game, you control a spaceship on an endless path in mysterious space.

Conquer the mysterious path

Beautiful road

In the game Supernova, you can enjoy the unique and new feeling of controlling a spaceship in outer space. Don't race simulated by beautiful green neon lines. On both sides of the track is a mysterious purple space.

Game features

This game challenges your spaceship piloting skills. You will control a spaceship and must stay away from dangers. There are many spaceships to unlock in this game with stunning graphics. As you progress through the randomly generated colored levels, your speed will increase.


Use your mouse or keyboard to navigate your spaceship. The flight direction of the spacecraft can be changed by touching the screen or using the arrow keys.

Some tips

Stay away from the barriers on the way. There will be many obstacles on your way, including lasers, planets, meteors, and enemy spaceships. You will lose your life if you collide with them.

Collect the things shown on the map. The map has loot boxes. You can use these to protect your spaceship, gain points, or increase speed.

Your score will be determined by the distance you fly and the number of objects you collect. On the leaderboard, you can also rate your score compared to other players.

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