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Super Kid Adventure

About Super Kid Adventure


Join the adventure journey with the cute boy in the Super Kid Adventure game right now! Let's join the smart boy to conquer all the challenges ahead.

How to play Super Kid Adventure

In this game, the boy needs to move safely on a journey full of obstacles. Move and collect as many pink diamonds as possible. Take advantage of the red springs to jump high and far. Be careful of the thorns on the ground. You cannot step on them because they will cause you to lose your life and have to start over. Sometimes you will encounter strange creatures moving. Jump over them or land on his head to kill him instantly.

Game characters

The main character in the game Super Kid Adventure is a smart and agile boy. He has an extremely cute little body. he wears a funny crocodile costume. This boy can run and jump flexibly. Let's accompany the smart boy to conquer all levels here!

Control the smart boy

You control the boy to run forward by pressing the right arrow key. Control the boy to run behind by pressing the left arrow. Perform a jump by pressing the up arrow key. Jump forward by pressing the upper arrow key combined with the right arrow.


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