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Strike Galaxy Attack

About Strike Galaxy Attack


Join the fierce battle in the galaxy called Strike Galaxy Attack. In this war, you control a battleship and shoot down all the flying chickens in each level. Are you ready? Surely this fight will make you excited and want to keep playing it. This game has extremely realistic and beautiful graphics. Your battleship can be upgraded if you collect the loot. Each type of battleship has its own unique sniper ability. So you should choose a type that suits your combat purpose.

Things you need to keep in mind

To conquer this action-fighting game, you need to understand the rules of the game. When you start sniping at the flying chickens, they attack you by dropping bullets. You need to focus on observing to be able to dodge these bullets. If you hit them, your battleship will be blown up instantly.

In addition to avoiding falling bullets, you need to collect the necessary features to be able to upgrade the combat abilities of the battleship. They will appear at any time, and you should not miss them. The upgrade features include the exchange of spaceships and the ability to increase the number of bullets. When your battleship has collected enough upgraded features, you can confidently fight even the strongest enemies.

When you pass the flying chicken formations, you will fight the boss. It is a huge and extremely aggressive chicken. It has extremely dangerous attack skills. You need to try to capture its weak points to be able to win.

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