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Stabfish io

About Stabfish io

Description is a free io game in which you take on the role of a vicious marine beast. Join a multiplayer arena of fish with deadly tusks and take down your share of prey while avoiding the stabber of another player. Collect fish like trophies, consume food for more energy, and rule the sea.

Customization :


There are numerous fish improvements in Stabfish. More marine creatures, such as killer whales and hammerhead sharks, can be unlocked by completing milestone accomplishments. These unlocked skins provide in-game benefits such as increased kill bonuses.

Weapons :

Each player begins with a simple task. You may improve your task to a trident after you achieve level 4 with it. Upgrades to a cold blade and chainsaw follow the same reasoning.

Feature :

  • Aggressive stab or be stabbed gameplay
  • Random bonuses to give you an advantage
  • Kill enemies and eat food to increase your score and boost meter
  • Unlock achievements to upgrade your fish and weaponry arsenal

How to play

  • To get boosts and a higher score, eat food. By striking from the side and rear, you can eliminate other fish. Your tusk grows longer with each kill. You can be more daring with your strikes if your tusk is long enough.
  • Your score will rise as you stab more fish. Each fish body will be used to adorn your skewer, serving as a reminder of your ferocious and murderous nature.
  • You can use your mouse and play this game

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