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Squid Shooter

About Squid Shooter


It's time to join the war with the Squid army in Squid Shooter! Choose your weapon, defend yourself, avoid cash grenades, and avoid being hit! Are you prepared to annihilate them all? Then let's get started on the game and see if you can defeat them! Best of luck!

Squid Game has returned with a fresh adventure! Take control of your Sniper rifle and shoot down any moving players! It's now up to you to remove the eliminated players with a precise hit! Join the fight against the Squid army. Choose from a total of 18 weapons. Defend yourself from player and guard attacks. Cash grenades and coffins should be avoided. Avoid assaults with a crowbar, an ax, or a knife. Destroy giant dolls with a grenade launcher and a bazooka. They are killed with machine guns, pistols, and a shotgun. Each and every one of them must be destroyed! Best of luck!


  • Beautiful graphics
  • Addictive gameplay
  • Variety of weapons
  • Driving music and excellent sound effects

How to play

  • Mouse: look around
  • WASD: movement
  • W + Shift - Run Space: jump
  • Left Mouse Button: Shoot
  • Right Mouse Button (Hold): Aim
  • Mouse Wheel: Next / Previous
  • Weapon 1-7: weapon
  • hotkeys R: reload
  • F: knife attack 1
  • Q: knife attack 2
  • G: throw a grenade
  • T: inspect weapon
  • E: remove / remove weapon

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