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Spill Wine

About Spill Wine


Start the exciting puzzle game Spill Wine with glasses of wine. You use the balls to knock over the wine glass. Try to overcome all the challenges at each level.

How to play

Spill Wine game is a multi-level puzzle game with the theme of wine glasses.

You use the balls. Let them fall from above. So these balls can destroy wine glasses. The ball will move according to the correct physics platform.

Spill Wine game tips

The game has many levels with completely different layouts in each level. You will encounter difficulties at high levels as the number of wine glasses increases while the barriers are placed in a challenging manner. It will make you try again and again to find a way.

Please observe before releasing the ball. Choose a perfect spot for the ball to land and destroy the wine glass. However, you will need some time to practice. Once you get used to the physics of the ball, you will easily conquer this game with perfect ball drops.

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