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Snow Ball Racing

About Snow Ball Racing


Snow Ball Racing is a competition between 3 stickmen to create a snowball and build your bridge. Building is the only way to help you move to the destination. Only when you come to the finish line first, you can gain victory before other opponents. It all will depend on your speed to form the snowball.

The Importance Of Creating A Snowball

The main object in this running game is the snowball. Snowballs will help you build snow bridges and cross ocean areas. The bigger the snowball, the longer you can build a bridge. If the amount of snow is not enough to complete the bridge, you will have to go back to continue gathering snow until you can move to another area. The amount of snow on the screen is enough for all players to build.

Basic Rules Of Snow Ball Racing

Snow Ball Racing will be held as a run. However, in the process, you need to build your path with the snow bridges themselves. Building fast will give you a higher chance of winning. Besides, you also need to pay attention to the color of the bridge. You have to build the bridge with the same color as your stickman character. The bridge can change position after you move from one area to another.

Ways To Control

In order to guide your stickman, you only need to slide your mouse. Your character will move in this direction.

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