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Snake game

About Snake game


If you don't enjoy playing snake games by yourself, try this one. Snake game is exciting game genre receives a new improvement. By playing the game, you will have the opportunity to compete against players from across the world.

We are going to go into more detail about how to play this game right now. Your objective in this game is to exercise control over a very little snake. This snake is going to wander about on a playground where there are a lot of other snakes. Along the route, there will be a good number of crisp, ruby-red apples. Because your snake is in such a state of hunger, you should feed it these tasty apples. Find your way through this serpent and you'll be rewarded with apples. It certainly piques one's attention, doesn't it? Apples, rather than meat, are what the snakes in this game will consume. Your snake will not only be able to eat these apples, but they will also help it develop.

Certain objects throughout the game overall:

  • You will see the red apples that were described before. They will assist you in growing your snake to a larger size.
  • If the snake consumes the bomb, it will die as soon as it does so. Because of this, you should keep your distance from these explosives. They are red like apples so don't make errors.
  • In addition to that, you will see the appearance of green potions over the playing field. They will shorten the length of your snake if you consume them, so avoid doing so.

How to play

You can use arrow keys to play this game

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