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Snake 3D

About Snake 3D


Welcome to the brand new style snake game version in Snake 3D game. You will control your blocky snake to move and feed on a transparent cube model.

How to play Snake 3D

Unique new snake game

Snake 3D is a game in the snake hunting genre but with many variations, making it new. You will see the extremely impressive blocky graphic style when you start the game. Your snake is a green mass. The bait is a red square block. Your hunting ground is a cube that can rotate as you move.

How to control your green-snake

You just need to control your snake to move with the arrow keys. The cube will rotate the tiles according to your snake control.

How to get high scores in Snake 3D

To get a high score in this game, you just need to understand how to control and change the rotation of the cube. You can play well after trying to control your snake a few times. After that, all scores depend on your movement skills and perseverance. You need to know how to observe to detect which side of the cube the prey is on. When you accurately determine the location of your prey, you will shorten the time it takes to control the snake there. Thanks to that, you will gain many points in a short period of time.

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