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Smarty Bubbles

About Smarty Bubbles


Smarty Bubbles is a shooting game to break balls of the same color, with simple gameplay, easy to grasp but also addictive to bring you moments of relaxation. This is a game suitable for quick entertainment.

Your duty in Smarty Bubbles

In Smarty Bubbles, you just need to use the ball placed below and align it in the direction of the arrow to shoot at the balls of the same color above. At least 3 balls of the same color must be arranged to burst, the more balls that explode or fall, the more points you have. Use the mouse or keyboard to control the arrows and aim to shoot the balls as accurately and as quickly as possible, because if you are slow, those balls will slowly collapse and crush you! As such, your task is to try to explode as many balls and push them back as high as possible, to have more time to think strategically and respond with reluctant obstacles. Besides, if you want to look for a more extreme game, your choice should be Drift 1. This game will take you to a race track with harsh turns, so either you steer safe, or game over.

Sound and vivid graphics in Smarty Bubbles.

Smarty Bubbles can tell you your achievements in detail, including your top score, the number of balls you broke, the number of plays, and the time you spent on this exciting game. In addition, the game also has simple graphics and balls with many colors. In particular, the good and lively sound every time the player shoots, breaks, or drops the ball, ... helps to increase the inspiration when playing the game. Smarty Bubbles is an interesting entertainment game, with vivid effects that bring moments of relaxation and fun. If you like this game, visit and experience it.

How to control

Use the mouse to control.

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