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Slope Legacy

About Slope Legacy


Slope Legacy is an engaging spin-off of the endless runner game Slope with a retro-futuristic visual style and new features. The game is all about navigating a ball through endless slopes. This version is updated with extra challenges and ball skins!

How to play Slope Legacy

Same game mechanics

The game keeps the core mechanics that made the Slope game a hit. Players control a ball and roll downward endless slopes. The ultimate goal is to roll as far as you can. The score you achieve depends on the distance that you travel the ball. So the longer, the higher the score! 

It's an endless rolling game. Hence, everyone is trying to put their names on the leaderboard with the highest score! 

The game ends if you fall off the platform or collide with any obstacle. 

The controls also remain the same. Navigate the ball with the A/D or left and right arrows. Try to keep it stay on the slope. 

Elevate the experience with diamonds and slope ball skins

Slope Legacy adds a fresh twist to the classic formula! That's ball skins! 

As you maneuver your way through slopes, don't forget about the valuable gems!

Collect gems along the way to buy new ball skins! 

The game boasts a diverse selection of 8 unique ball skills. Each one has its own distinct visual style.

Only one ball is available at the beginning. Others cost certain gems! The cheapest ball costs 200 gems. And the highest one is worth 1400 gems!

Dazzling visuals from Tron Legacy

Slope Legacy game visuals take inspiration from the Tron Legacy movie. Players will take part in the journey in a synth-wave, retro-futuristic environment with a neon aesthetic. The graphics are impressive! You will feel like moving into a science-fiction world. That brings a dazzling feast for the eyes!


  • Use the A/D or the Arrow Keys to steer the ball to the left or right.
  • Use your left mouse button to interact.
  • Press the Spacebar to restart.

Highlighted Features

  • Synthwave, retro-futuristic graphics
  • Collect gems to unlock new balls
  • 8 balls in total
  • Challenging endless rolling journey
  • Leaderboard
  • Impressive background music

Slope Legacy is an addictive variant of the Slope game with stunning visuals, balls, and challenges. It's a thrilling new twist for players who love to race with speed! The new features that the game brings make it fresh and challenging. It will surely make players unable to put it down! It is a must-play endless rolling game. 

Play it now and share with us your highest score!


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