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Slope Gear

About Slope Gear


Welcome to Slope Gear, a vibrant evolution of the Slope game with steampunk designs. Guide the ball through slopes, avoid tricky obstacles, collect power-ups, and aim for the highest score!

How to play Slope Gear

Slope Gear is a game that tests your reflexes and precision. The game takes both the difficulty and design of the original version to a new level.

Players use the arrow keys or the A/D key to steer the ball. The main objective stays the same. That is to reach the longest distance in the endless journey and earn the highest possible score.

Avoid obstacles and stay on the platform

Unlike the Slope game, Slope Gear comes with much more challenging obstacles. There are random bombs, spinning blades, spinning hammers, and more. The moving obstacles are harder to overcome. Players must try to avoid them. A single hit to the obstruction can lead to the end of the game. And you must start again from the beginning. 

Choose the correct key color to unlock the gate

There are also locked gates along the rolling journey. To unlock the gate, players must navigate the ball to get the correct key color. Pay attention to the gate and act quickly to grab the key. If you can’t get the right key, you won’t be able to open the gate. The game is over if you hit the gate.

Collect power-ups

There are three types of power-ups in Slope Gear. 

Shield: The Shield provides you with protection against obstacles. When you get the shield, you won’t be afraid of losing the game if you accidentally hit an obstacle. However, it only functions within a short time. 

Magnet: With the magnet, players can grab the gems without having to touch them. It will attract the gem toward the ball.

x2 Diamonds: With this power-up, you can double the diamonds that you collect!

Roll for the highest score

Try to get as far as you can! That’s the only way to get the highest score! Stay away from the obstacles, stay on the platform, and collect power-ups to enhance your performance! Make quick decisions and improve your reflexes to survive!

New design awaits!

Slope Gear game brings a feast for the eyes! It delivers an exhilarating experience that's as addictive as it is beautiful. It features steampunk, victorian era, and Industrial age design.


Slope Gear elevates the original's thrilling high-speed downhill action to new heights! Race the ball in the endless journey and get as far as you can!

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