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Slope Extra

About Slope Extra


If you want to play a sloping ball game with super nice graphics then start Slope Extra now! Let's enjoy a steep rolling journey in the modern and large city!

Slope Extra game has stunning and vibrant graphics. The ramps, colored blocks, and diamonds are all created in the game using a 3D neon style. The ball will move down beautiful steep paths with a sense of speed and adventure. The game will be surrounded by modern high-rise structures, which will add to the lively and dynamic atmosphere of the game.

How to play

To start the game, click the Play button. You can choose a ball you like and add different colors and caps to it.

To move the ball in the desired direction, use your mouse or finger. To avoid having to start over, you must be careful not to let the ball come into contact with the red blocks or fall into the pool.

To improve your score and buy new balls, collect diamonds. To score drifting points, you can also accelerate faster and perform stunning drifts.

Participate in competitions and races to face off against players from around the world. You can check your own and other players' rankings and statistics.

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