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About Slope


If you are interested in an entertaining game with a strange form, you should look to Slope. This is a game that requires you to control the ball rolling in a challenging tunnel.

Challenging tunnel in Slope

You may have experienced challenging running games where you have to jump over or dodge obstacles like in Slope 3. But in the same series as it, there is a game with a slightly different form. Instead of jumping over obstacles, in Slope, you will have to face a tunnel where there will be many doors, and you have to go through them. However, these doors are not easy to pass through as their diameter is just enough for the ball to enter. Moreover, in Slope, the speed is increasing day by day and the frequency of occurrence of these obstacles is also getting denser. But that is also the attraction of this game, but if it is too easy, it will be quite boring.

The reasons why Slope is favored

Designed quite simple, but the game Slope is still very popular with everyone. One of the reasons is that this game has many levels, from easy to difficult. Thus, players can both gradually get used to how to play and can conquer different levels. When you pass a level, you will not have to stop to move to another level, but on the screen, there will be a journey bar, which tells you how far you have come in the level. When that journey bar is fully white, you will immediately move to another level. The game also tells you how much score you have achieved, if you continuously beat the levels to win, you will even be given extra points. Besides, Slope also has a quite vibrant sound, helping you relax comfortably every time you play the game.

How to control

Use the mouse to control.

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