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Slide Stone

About Slide Stone


Take on a fun puzzle challenge in Slide Stone! You control the bricks in a row to destroy them. Try to get a high score before the bricks hit the line.

Instructions for you to play

Start with a board with many haphazardly arranged tiles.

As long as the player does not exceed the height limit, you can move a stone up or down.

Pay attention to the board and arrange your moves ahead of time. Decide which stones need to be moved first. Try putting the rocks back in their original positions if you get stuck, then make a new plan.

Players must use both strategic thinking and logic to win this game. This is a fun and demanding game that helps improve problem-solving abilities.

What's more?

Logic puzzle game

Slide Stone brings you a familiar but also new puzzle challenge. It has different points from other puzzle games of the same genre. In this game, you can only puzzle by moving horizontally.

Tasks in Slide Stone

The most important thing in this game is the score. You can only prove you are a good puzzler if your score is a record. To achieve high scores you need to play puzzles intelligently. You need to try to destroy the rows of bricks before they form a wall that reaches the finish line.

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