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Run Sausage Run

About Run Sausage Run


Run Sausage Run is a fun running game that will give players a good time. You control the hot dog guy to overcome dangerous obstacles in the kitchen. Knives, fire, hammers, and meat grinders are deadly traps. To escape being cut, burned, crushed, or crushed in this game, you have to jump, dive, and move really fast. You can choose your favorite sausages, such as German, blood, bacon, chocolate, plumber, or cowboy. To help you live longer, you can also buy support items like steel bread or speed up.

As you watch your sausage twitch and convulse in the face of danger, you can't help but chuckle. You'll also feel the thrill of beating your own or your friends' records. It is also extremely simple to play and suitable for players of all ages. Just touch the screen to make the sausage move faster, and let go to make the sausage move slower. Coins can be collected to buy sausages and other goods.

Some advices

Increase your survivability by using support items. To protect yourself from danger, you can buy goods like bubbles, steel bread, and speed boosters. In addition, you can collect gold coins to unlock new goods and sausages.

To determine when the traps will go live, pay attention to the symbols on them. You can predict when someone will cut, burn, smash, or crush you by looking at symbols like a knife, flame, hammer, or blender. Choose the right time to overcome or avoid them.

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