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Rolling Sky

About Rolling Sky


Rolling Sky is a game that controls the ball rolling on the path of the blue sky. Control your ball to roll over all the obstacles that appear on this path. This game has beautiful three-dimensional graphics and lifelike sound effects that create a fascinating and exciting adventure space. The simple but difficult control scheme of this game attracts players by requiring them to concentrate and react quickly. The game features various levels and styles of music, which increase its appeal and test your skills to overcome them.

Some note

Let's get acquainted with the mechanics of the ball movement in the game Rolling Sky. You just need to hold the left mouse button and move the mouse to control the ball's roll in the direction you want.

Try not to stress too much about collecting diamonds because it will make it easier for you to hit obstacles. Levels can still be completed if you skip them. The diamonds only work to increase your score. Your most important goal in this game is to avoid obstacles and cross the finish line.

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