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Red Ball Bounce

About Red Ball Bounce


An amazing adventure has begun in Red Ball Bounce. The main character here is a red ball knight. He is on his way to exploring the beautiful world. It sounds like it's going to be a peaceful ride. In fact, he faced thousands of difficulties and challenges along the way. Right now, he needs your help. Can you help him overcome his difficulties? You also can turn in to a ball character in Slope Run.

Jump over obstacles in Red Ball Bounce

Challenging terrain with obstacles will be able to defeat any player. When playing, you need to move the character and press the up arrow to jump. There will be very high places where the ball cannot reach. At this point, you will see support items such as stones, wooden crates, etc. You can use them as a platform for you to get close to the target. You need to come across the red flag. They are checkpoints. When you lose 1 life, you will replay in the last checkpoint. You can see your process in the upper right corner of the screen. When it is full, you can advance the level.

Difficulties in Red Ball Bounce

Not only difficult terrain, but you also have to fight monsters. They are square and black. If you let them touch your character, he will lose his life. These terrible monsters also can be destroyed by jumping on them. Besides, falling into the water or gaps will also hurt your character. Don't too worry, your character has three lives.

Skins in this game

Red Ball Bounce gives many skins for you to select. There are a total of 5 balls. One first ball is available while others need to be unlocked with stars. You can collect the stars along the road. Just go through them to get them.

Game controls

  • W/up arrow to jump
  • AD key or left/right arrow to go forward or backwards.

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