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Pizza Tower

About Pizza Tower


Pizza Tower will be the ideal place to test your running ability and overcome challenges. Facing countless dangers to destroy the pizza tower is your task. This tower is affecting the business of all other pizzerias. You will become Peppino Spaghetti, an Italian chef to perform this task.

Your Rivals In Pizza Tower

Pizza Tower offers you 4 main levels and some custom levels. Each level includes a maze with traps and dangers and a boss with superior attack ability. You can face Pepperman, Pizzahead, and Pizzaface. Your rivals will attack you until they are killed or you are killed. Therefore, it's an uncompromising battle. Are you ready to conquer these battles?

Playing Instructions

After clicking on the Play button, you will be taken to a map with a wardrobe and 4 different doors. The wardrobe allows you to change your character's outfit while the 4 doors correspond to the 4 levels mentioned above including Ancient, Water, Boulder, and Horror. At the end of the tunnel, there is an entrance to custom levels for you. Based on the name of each level, you can know the topic of each level.

After entering a level, start moving. Remember to avoid the dangers and kill the boss to complete the level.

How To Control Pizza Tower

  • Z = Start / Select / Jump.
  • Left/Right arrow = Move.
  • Down arrow = Head down.
  • Press and hold X = Run fast to break the door.

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