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Panda Running

About Panda Running


Adventure running game

Start an exciting adventure with pandas in Panda Running game. Help the panda explore the beautiful forest, but there are many obstacles in the way.

Beautiful bamboo forest

You play as a mischievous panda exploring the beautiful bamboo forest. A panda usually only stays at home, he doesn't know what his forest has. One fine day, the panda decided to start his adventure in the forest. This is an exciting adventure but also many difficulties. Help the panda overcome all the obstacles to complete this adventure.

But obstacles in the forest

Along the way, your panda will encounter many obstacles. Large rocks, poisonous mushrooms, thorn bushes, and even tree stumps will be seen. All of them will hurt you if you bump into them. You only have 3 mistakes in total. You will have to start over if you hit an obstacle a fourth time.

Complete the forest adventure

Your mission in this game is to reach the destination. You just need to control the bear to jump every time it sees an obstacle blocking its way. This sounds simple. But you need to concentrate to perform a professional jump. Try to determine the safest jumping distance and landing point.

In addition to quick reflexes, you need to handle situations intelligently. Jump up the stairs if necessary. It will help you run safely through obstacles on the ground.

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