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Moto Bike Attack Race Master

About Moto Bike Attack Race Master


Moto Bike Attack Race Master is where the racetrack is extremely fierce, you not only drive the moto to the finish line, but if necessary you can also kick your opponent to get ahead. Join the race of Moto Bike Attack Race Master to compete for the championship position.

Join the fierce race of Moto Bike Attack Race Master

In this game, you will control your moto with many other competitors competing for first place. On the track of Moto Bike Attack Race Master, there are many obstacles, moving at such high speed, you should try to collide with these obstacles if you do not want to be eliminated from the track. Besides, the game will also give you some support to help you speed up and eliminate opponents. However, if you can use them, so can your opponent, so make good use of the opportunity. If you are a fan of racing games, you will probably like Madalin Stunt Cars 2. In this game, instead of driving a moto, you will have the choice of supercars to participate in the thrilling race.

The difference from Moto Bike Attack Race Master

Compared to many other racing games, Moto Bike Attack Race Master allows you to directly attack your opponent on the track. If you are being left behind, and if necessary you can drive your moto close and kick another player down, you have eliminated a competitor. In addition, you should ride a moto to go to the slanted board to speed up or fly up and combine the use of guns to shoot at the opponent who is in the lead and away from other players. With every first finish, you will be rewarded with many diamonds, you will also be awarded more diamonds if you eliminate any player.

How to control

Use the mouse to control.

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