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Money Movers 2

About Money Movers 2


Returning to the second version of the Money Movers series, the game requires players to be skillful and flexible in emergency situations. Can you complete all the challenges of Money Movers 2 and rescue the father of two thieves?

The player's task in Money Movers 2

In this game, you will control two super thief brothers. After escaping from the prison, they are breaking in to rescue their father. Your goal is to complete every level in Money Movers 2. However, the prison is very well-guarded. Therefore, you need to solve those puzzles, and avoid laser beams, guns, pull levers, etc. Also, each level will have 3 money bags, you should collect all of them to unlock the rewards. If you've ever played Fireboy And Watergirl 6: Fairy Tales, you'll find these two games have similar gameplay. You need to control both characters to find the door to move to another level. And only when both characters reach the destination will your mission be considered completed.

A few tips for you when joining Money Movers 2

In Money Movers 2, there are two main characters who are two super thief brothers. You need to control both people to help each other solve puzzles using their advantages and strengths. If either player dies then the game is over. While the older brother is strong and able to throw objects or defeat soldiers, the younger brother is extremely agile. he can pass through narrow, laser-beamed passages undetected. In addition, there are many other doors that block your walk. Remember that any color buttons and levers can open that color door, And the last exit door opens only when both brothers stand in front of it.

How to control

  • Press the WASD to control the younger brother.
  • Press the arrow keys to control the elder brother.

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