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Mini Rally Racing

About Mini Rally Racing


Enjoy thrilling races in Mini Rally Racing. Drive your car and pass over all opponents in the race. Gain first place and defeat all enemies.

Select modes in Mini Rally Racing

The races start in the realm of beautiful automobiles in brilliant colours. Find out who drives better in this little competition! You may pick between the Championship and Arcade game modes. You participate in championships against the best racers in the world to determine whose car can be driven quickly. A game called Arcade combines driving simulators and gives you more influence over how you place in races. In addition, if you want to have even more thrilling experiences, play Drift F1.

Finish all laps with first place in Mini Rally Racing

With more than 10 automobiles in this quick-paced game, you can never go wrong. thrilling action as you compete against other players on a track made to challenge your inner speed demon, crossing the finish line without looking back. If you win the most races, you'll be crowned the winner. Make sure you can manage the game's twists and turns. You must watch the road since the game's in-game physics have an impact on cars. You can restart from where you crashed if you accidentally step out of the way. Your position on the track is also directly impacted by this, though.

Things you can set up in Mini Rally Racing

  • First, you can choose a favourite car to drive. All cars are available in the garage.
  • You can choose the track for yourself. You can experience the top colour races such as Bridge Madness, Snake Hill, Windy Road, Monkey Bridge, The big Eight, Warm Weather, Desert
  • Valley, Cactus County, and Rock Island.
  • In addition, the difficulty level of the game is also customisable. If you are a beginner then choose the easy mode. After that, improve your skills with medium and expert modes.

Game control

Use the WASD to control the car.

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