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About Minesweeper


Minesweeper has long been known as a simple game that rewards people to experience to kill time or relax effectively. It seems that this is a game with simple gameplay, but it makes gamers immersed in it.

Minesweeper Player's Quest

To start the table, the player will click on any box to open the number boxes or if unlucky, they will hit the mines right from the first step and you have to play from the beginning. The number boxes indicate the number of mines around it for you to judge and successfully open the white squares, and flag the suspected mines below. Keep doing this until you have successfully opened all white squares on the chessboard and marked all the boxes containing mine. If you are bored with this game, Slope 3 is also a good choice for you to kill time. In this game, you need to control the ball to keep it rolling on the track at lightning speed for as long as possible.

Some tips for you when joining Minesweeper

You need to mark your flag wisely and efficiently. Placing a flag is an operation that helps you mark locations with mines so that you do not have to mistakenly press them again. In addition, you must not make random guesses but instead should always click on the square that is least likely to get hit by a mine. Take a look at the top corner of the screen, you will see in the number two boxes showing numbers, one is the amount of time you take to complete the level, the other is the number of mines that this level has. Thus, you can rely on that to know how many mines there are and need to put the flag on how many cells have those mines.

How to control

  • Click the left mouse to open the squares
  • Click the right mouse to mark a mine.

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