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Might And Magic Armies

About Might And Magic Armies


A serious war is happening in Might And Magic Armies. Build your powerful army and fight with other players in this game. Defeat them to gain first place.

The Rules of Might And Magic Armies

Explore the map with your main hero and acquire helmets to strengthen your army. Small bronze helmets are worth 200 troops, bigger silver helmets are worth 1,000 soldiers, and enormous golden helmets are worth 5,000 soldiers.

By beating your opponents, you may also earn soldiers. When your soldiers collide with their circle, they begin to fight. When you defeat them, you will get your opponent's troops and lower their number to zero. However, the battle will cost you to lose your soldiers. If you let your opponent's primary hero flee, you will not be able to recover any! Fighting against forces that are weaker than you will help you win. You can flee as soon as you see an army larger than yours.

Strategy for Mighty And Magical Armies

Strength isn't always the sole thing that contributes to winning. Strategy is another critical consideration. Smaller armies can also conceal themselves in wooded regions. To hide your army behind the trees, make sure your army's circle is completely within the forest. While concealed, you can walk about between the trees, but if your circle sticks out at the sides, you'll become visible again. The corners of your screen will go dark once your army is hidden.

But be cautious! Other armies may not be able to see you, but if they accidentally clash with you, a conflict will erupt! Geometry Jump World is another game where you may demonstrate your strategic skills. Do you dare to try?

Some characteristics of Might And Magic Armies

  • The game offers a playing field for many players in the world. Here, everyone will compete together to get first place.
  • The game has many interesting features which allow players experience an excellent strategy game
  • The graphics are really impressive.

How to control: Use the mouse to play this game.

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