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Master Fall Down

About Master Fall Down


Welcome to a fierce gunfight in the anonymous world called Master Fall Down. Your task is to aim and shoot so the puppets are all pierced by bullets.

How to play

In Master Fall Down, you aim to use shotguns to take down dummy opponents at each level.

For every level, you can only use three bullets. Please use them appropriately. However, you shouldn't worry too much because you can explore many approaches by starting over.

There are 45 levels in total and the difficulty of each level increases. To pass all the levels you will need to use smarter and more accurate calculations.

Tips to win

In addition to shooting directly at opponents, you can aim at metal bars or use other items to make bullets bounce back and find the target.

Since ragdoll physics is the foundation of this game, knowing how items move and interact with each other can help you determine how to shoot. To get the best angle for the ricocheting bullet, use geometric concepts.

Stay aware of your surroundings and use them intelligently and strategically to your advantage when facing challenges to help you overcome your opponents.


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