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Level Devil

About Level Devil


Level Devil is the most famous puzzle game with the name. This is a fun multi-level puzzle game with difficult puzzles. How many levels can you conquer here?

Game rules in Level Devil

This is a multi-level puzzle game. You need to help your little one overcome all the challenges to reach the next door.

Use your little human skills to safely overcome obstacles. On flat ground he can run. To overcome deep holes or spike traps, he needs to combine running and jumping. If you fall into a hole or touch a spike, your character will lose a life immediately. Then you will have to start again from the beginning.

Don't be afraid to try again and again as this does not limit the number. You can make the most daring plans. If it doesn't work, you can try another option.

How to control the character

You control the character to move, jump, and overcome pits and obstacles by pressing the arrow keys.

Colors in Level Devil

This game impresses users because of its use of striking colors and basic shapes. Your character is a small black person. The space in this maze has the main color tone being orange. Paths and deep holes are simulated by square shapes. But the thorn is an obstacle you need to avoid. They are small triangles located next to each other on the path. Once you have overcome the obstacles, you will reach the square door.

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