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Lay Eggs

About Lay Eggs


Lay Eggs is a fun game about blocky chickens. It doesn't have legs to run or jump, it moves by sliding and creating blocks to get over stairs on the road.

How to play

Control the square chicken

Wishing the chickens in the Lay Eggs game will automatically slide. Your task is to click to create the square blocks below. Help the adorable square chicken climb the stairs without getting stuck.

Conquer all levels

Lay Eggs is a multi-level game. Players must improve their skills through level walls as the difficulty gradually increases. You should focus and handle the situation wisely. You can try it out to see how each level is laid out. Then start again and conquer the challenge. Don't be afraid to try. You can freely start over without being limited to how many times you can play. Try to turn your adorable chicken into a winning chicken.

Cube graphics

The Lay Eggs game has special blocky graphics. Everything is uniquely modeled on shapes. The chicken you control is the main character of this game. It is certainly the most distinctive chicken, which is square and moves by sliding.

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