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About Hobo


Are you curious about this online Hobo game? Is this game so strange to you? Let's start the Hobo game now to experience a life of drunk! In particular, you will attack all people on your way that you can perform in real life.

The Start Of The Game

At the beginning of the game, you become a drunker and are lying on an unfamiliar street corner. You wake up but are still drunk. The people around you are constantly mocking you. Move and make them stop doing it!

How To Control Your Hobo

  • Use the arrow keys to move.
  • Press the A and S keys to attack.

Your Opponents In This Game

You will face many people on the road. They can be customers, shop owners, or workers. Even, you can face a policeman. However, all these objects are not a problem and you can hit anyone you want. Use the special skills of a drunk to attack. For example, you can punch, kick, spit, or throw objects at your opponent.

Note that you can collect items to attack. The glass bottles on the road are a good weapon. You can even use the gun after upgrading.

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