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Hill Climb Racing

About Hill Climb Racing


Welcome to the physics platform racing game called Hill Climb Racing. There are many car models, choose your favorite one and start conquering this racetrack.

Types of vehicles in Hill Climb Racing

There are many types of vehicles for you to choose from including Hill Climber, Motocross Bike, Monter Truck, Tracktor, Hippie Van, Onewheeler, Quad Bike, Trophy Truck, Tourist Bus, Race Car, Finger Screw, Police Car, Ambulance, Electic Car, Super Diesel 4X4, Rally Car, Dragster, Fire Truck, Chopper, Lowrider, Tank, Snow Mobile, Supper Offroad, Truck, Dune Buggy, Hovercraft, Minibike, Big Finger, Kidde,...

Physical movement

In the game Hill Climb Racing, you will move your car on an uneven terrain. In rough sections, your car will be affected by physics. It could tilt or tip over at any time.

Instructions for playing Hill Climb Racing

This game includes four optional parts.

  • In the Shop section, you can shop for accessories and upgrade your car. However, you must try to earn a lot of gold to pay for items at the Shop.
  • In the Stage section, you can choose any location to start conquering it. Each location is designed completely differently. This will bring you many new experiences.
  • In the Vehicle section, you can choose one of a series of car models in the game. If possible, try driving each type to find the type of car you like the most.

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