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Helix Fruit Jump

About Helix Fruit Jump


Helix Jump is a mobile game that challenges the player's reflexes as well as accuracy and is suitable for those of you who are looking for a quick entertaining game to relieve stress after a tiring working time.

Your mission in Helix Fruit Jump

Entering the game Helix Fruit Jump, the task of the member is that you will control a ball that bounces continuously, by swiping left or right of the screen to control the pillar, so that the ball passes through the slot of many floors and until The last floor will end. In the process, you will encounter countless traps that are rocks of different colors, if you let your orb touch them, the ball will be broken and the mission will fail. The higher the level, the more difficult and faster the speed and traps will be. Also, if you've played this game too many times, head to Slope 3, where the obstacles and speed are terrible. This will also be a good choice for you to entertain after tiring moments.

Graphics and sounds of Helix Fruit Jump

Although the graphics and sound are simple, the gameplay is extremely attractive, providing an extremely interesting experience with levels that challenge the flexible reflexes of the player. The game has simple graphics with bright colors and an easy-to-see and easy-to-grasp interface. Especially in this version, the game is equipped with fruit-shaped stone blocks. This is the factor that makes Helix Fruit Jump more impressive. When they fall through many floors at once, their speed is faster and will break a floor if they fall. The sound simply consisted of the bouncing of the ball, which was quite amusing, the sound of the ball passing each floor.

How to control

Use the mouse to control.

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