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Gun Mayhem

About Gun Mayhem


Gun Mayhem is a multiplayer action shooter. Your mission in this game is to participate in a dangerous mission. You have to face notorious snipers.

How to play

Game goal

The game's goal is quite simple: using a variety of weapons, you must force your opponents to leave the arena. While it seems simple, forcing an opponent to leave the arena completely without being hit can be challenging.

Character interface options

You can choose your character's skin before the game starts. Choose clothes, headgear, and guns for him.

Game controls and tips

To complete the game spectacularly you need to understand the rules and some useful tips

  • Control Player 1: use arrow keys to move, press [ key to shoot, press ] key to drop a bomb.
  • Control Player 2: Use WASD keys to move, press the T key to shoot, and press the Y key to drop bombs.

Tips to win

Your first weapons are shotguns. You can upgrade your guns to increase damage. Gaining more points will help you do better. Real rifles can fire extremely large bullets. You can deal more damage to your opponents in a shorter amount of time with stronger weapons. Support items will appear during the battle. Quickly grasp them and apply them appropriately!


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