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Gorilla Adventure

About Gorilla Adventure


Start the ultimate action game called Gorilla Adventure now! You play as a Gorilla, your mission is to climb towers and show off your super strength.

Game genre

The action-adventure platform game Gorilla Adventure takes place in an open universe. The setting is an urban environment at night.

Game plot

Gorilla Adventure is a video game depicting a futuristic world. The natural environment is deteriorating due to the development of future technology. It immerses people in a strange and strange electronic world. Players will embark on an adventure and hone their hammer-swinging techniques to break the record. Embrace your inner gorilla and prepare for an exhilarating ride to the top.

Game missions

In this difficult action game, you must use Gorilla's abilities to overcome obstacles and complete all the assigned missions.

Control Gorilla

  • To snap to a point, use left click.
  • To rotate the hammer, hold down the left mouse button.
  • Let go, allowing the character to go down to the old pivot point.

Play tips

You must be able to modify the thrust. The thrust force is determined by the pull force of the hammer. The greater the thrust, the farther you pull. However, fulcrum alignment is very important because of length constraints.

You must decide that staying safe is a top priority. Don't pull too hard. Please ensure that your character is protected. Furthermore, you must understand how to give your character momentum and direction using surfaces and barriers in the surrounding area.

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