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Getting Over It

About Getting Over It


Getting Over It is an adventure game to bring you on exciting journeys with your cute cat. Use your hammer to move because you are stuck in a bowl. Let's go!

What You Have To Get Over

In this entertaining game, you have to face a lot of unique and different terrains. These terrains are not formed from ordinary hills, rivers, and streams. Instead, there are tons of different objects like platforms, giant apples, or long sticks. They are cluttered to form the playing field for you. Can you make it through this unique terrain? Get started and challenge yourself!

Instructions For Getting Over It

Because your character is stuck in a bowl, you must use your hammer to pull, push, and move. Grab the hammer and stick it to the objects. Use the force from the arm to move the character forward. It will take you some time to get used to this move. However, it is interesting once you have mastered the controls. While moving, remember to use different lengths of hammers and arms to overcome obstacles of different sizes.

How To Control

Use your mouse to play the Getting Over It game.

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