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Geometry Vertical

About Geometry Vertical


In the game Geometry Vertical, you control a small robot through a challenging tunnel. The safe passage available to you is limited, you must react quickly.

A little robot lost in the factory

The setting of this game is a factory tunnel. A place with many dangerous traps. Walls with sharp spikes will suddenly protrude. You try to control your robot to move smartly to reach the finish line safely.

Accompany the robot through many levels

Geometry Vertical is a multi-level game. You will control the robot to the finish line. Every time you reach your destination safely, you will start a new level. Try to go through many levels to discover exciting challenges in this game.

Instructions for controlling robots in Geometry Vertical

Your little robot will always fly forward. You just need to control his flight direction. You press the right arrow key to move the robot to the right. Press the left arrow key to control the robot to move to the left lane.

The big challenge for you is the constantly appearing thorny walls. They will easily hit you if you do not react promptly. One tip for you to avoid spike walls is to look far away. Look up as soon as the traps appear to change direction in time.

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