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G-Switch 3

About G-Switch 3


Join G-Switch 3 to explore the dangerous maze. This is a game that has a special track because it is a gravity track. Let's start the special game!

Join running on the exciting racing in G-Switch 3

Start the game, and it can be seen that you will play a character that looks like a robot but is very agile. In front of you is a winding maze, and the challenge for you is to control the robot to overcome sharp obstacles in this maze. However, this run is not like the track in other running games, it is a gravity run. That is, in G-Switch 3, when running, your feet can be on the ceiling while your head is facing the ground and vice versa. That's an interesting idea. However, if you don't like this exciting form of racing you can run in Run 3. In this game, the track is completely normal like in other games, but the speed is extremely fast.

Some modes in G-Switch 3

You have three modes to choose from when playing this game. In normal mode, you will run in the maze through each level, and then your speed will increase as you run into the speed-up box. The second mode is Endless, which is similar to the previous mode, but this is where your track is endless for you to explore. Finally, the multiplayer mode is also the mode that makes G-Switch more outstanding than many other running games. You can choose to play against the automaton, or play with friends. In this mode, you can choose the number of people to join you, the minimum will be two players and the maximum is 8 people. In particular, you can change the keyboard shortcut to control the character when participating in this game mode.

How to control

  • You can click the mouse to control
  • In multiplayer mode, you can change the keys to control each character

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