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Fox Land 2

About Fox Land 2


In Foxy Land 2, move quickly to assist your foxy companion in saving his family! Get ready to explore the world of a little yet brave fox. He will require your assistance in order to save his family. Come now and provide your pal with some excellent company.

Thanks to its captivating plot, this action-adventure game will instantly transport you to a another universe. You will see Foxy, the game's primary character, interact with other players and have chats and ideas that will help you understand the story. You'll soon find out that while he was picking cherries, criminals abducted his children. Your goal is to navigate the map throughout the many stages in order to ultimately save his children. To unlock a respawn in case you fail, you must be careful on the platforms, leap high over the gaps, and collect lots of cash. Come now and test your ability to follow along with this journey and save Foxy's kids!


  • Colorful vintage-looking graphics
  • 2 Player mode available
  • Multiple levels
  • Detailed and gripping plotline

How to play

Move with the WASD keys, then double leap by pressing the A key twice. With the G key for player 1 and the L key for player 2, you may hurl cherries at your foes.

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