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Food Gang Run

About Food Gang Run


Running games are always the favourite games of many people in the world. You will control a character's move on the road such as Galaxy Slope. If you like running games, you should try Food Gang Run. You will have heart-pounding situations in this game.

Become food in Food Gang Run

The kitchen is being avoided to the greatest extent possible by a group of friends that includes a tomato, a banana, and broccoli. Of course, along the road, they will run across several foes and obstacles, such as police donuts, sushi with swords, pizza slices with cannons, enormous pumpkins with enormous guns, and many more! For each level, you must defeat foes and gather more weapons.

Food Gang Run principles

Choose and control one of three tiny characters—a tomato, a banana, or broccoli—each of which depends on your adept movement to raise your score. Shoot foes on autopilot with your weapons. To advance through each level, avoid the opponents and gather new weaponry. Upgrade your arsenal to increase your chances of winning. 

Let's run and shoot with the Food Gang online game

Run by using the right and left arrow keys, and jump by pressing the spacebar. As other foods in the kitchen continue to attack it, your character will already be moving forward automatically but still require navigation. It will also be shooting automatically.

Position yourself in front of adversaries, shoot them down on the ground and in the air, and collect the cash they drop so you can buy new weapons and armour for your character. Avoid all of the hazards along the route as well, such as spikes and being shot at, since if you empty your health meter, the game is over. Take advantage of power-ups as they emerge.


  • PC controls: Use the arrow keys to move and the spacebar to jump.
  • Mobile and Tablet Controls: Touch the movement buttons on the screen to jump and jump.

The best parts of Food Gang Run

  • Choose from 3 distinctive and wacky characters that are impressively crafted.
  • Unlock over 50 incredible skills that can destroy any adversary.
  • Collect stars to unlock amazing goodies that may surprise you.

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