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Elastic Man

About Elastic Man


Elastic Man takes you to the magical world of entertainment with the smooth, shiny skin of a boy. Touching, grasping, pinching, or doing anything is possible.

The main goal of the game is to entertain all the players and it did. This is recognized by many players.

The Boy In Elastic Man

Your main character is a boy who has big eyes and short hair. Besides, his skin is a highlight. Each of his physical features is a characteristic that contributes to the popularity of this arcade game.

Elastic Man's Magical Transformation

As you probably know, your main character has a desirable skin tone for anyone, especially a girl. That guy's skin can be remarkably elastic. No matter what you do to it, his skin will return to its original ideal state. You can even drag and rotate that skin with 360 degrees, everything is fine.

The Flexibility of the Eyes

Elastic Man also accentuates the boy's eyes. His eyes are big and round. In particular, the iris of the eye is very small and always follows your mouse's every move. Wherever you move, it will follow.

His movements of skin and eyes are the most exciting action for you to experience. Don't miss it!

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